F.A.Q. 3: Alleged Flights and Passengers


“What about the 4 flights - and the passengers on those flights? Where did they go? Do we have any solid documentation certifying their very existence?”

A: Before asking oneself these questions - one must of course verify the available, relevant official data. Prominent researchers have revealed (throughout years of cross-examined investigations) that both flights and passengers lack the required data necessary to establish the alleged flights'and passengers' very existence.


The 4 purported hijacked flights have grave problems as far as their authenticity is concerned: A long list of documentation (or plain lack of it) reveals inconsistent NTSB, BTS and FAA data. The 2 American Airlines flights lacked records of required airport log data such as taxi-off and wheels-off times. The 2 United Airlines flights were not deregistered until October 2005, as of official FAA records. Both should have been listed, by law, as 'destroyed'. Shortly thereafter, the FAA rectified this 'oversight' in a peculiar manner : in place of 'destroyed', the wording used was 'cancelled'. This evidence has not been challenged, to this day, by any of those air-regulating agencies nor by the airlines themselves.


Since no evidence has been forthcoming of the very existence of the 4 ‘hijacked’ airplanes, the question of the passengers allegedly on board of them should be moot. However, multiple and repeated people-searches have attempted to backtrack and contact the alleged families of those passengers - to no avail. Thus, the prevailing indications of those longstanding investigations suggest that none of these people have ever existed. Moreover, the stories created around the alleged passengers simply do not stand up to scrutiny. As for the cell phone calls that they allegedly placed to their loved ones, they have by now been established as a technical impossibility.

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