F.A.Q. 5: What Can I Do?

DISCLAIMER: We believe any possible casualties of 9/11 should be investigated. To this end, we ask anyone in possession of any evidence of real people disappearing to come forward. Because of the excessively fraudulent reporting now standardized in every conventional media, the world requires true testimonies from anyone connected to the events of 9/11. If you have testimony that you wish to report to a legitimate organization instead of the corrupt media, please read this page on recommended actions.

What did you experience on 9/11?

Do you know someone who died on 9/11?

Did you see something real on 9/11?

Were you hustled or sabotaged on 9/11? Did you experience electronic jamming?

After reading our articles, we presume that you have questions about your community’s relationship to 9/11. Particularly, you may find that you are certain about a personal story that you feel has been unjustly unheard. For those of you willing to back up your certainty with action, here is a brief questionnaire that you should give sober consideration to:

1. Did anyone, at any time, ask you to change your story about 9/11? Did they offer you something or threaten you?

2. Assuming all reporting by the media to be entirely false, does your story have independently verifiable evidence that you can personally represent in a court of law – and are you willing to subject your evidence to critical evaluation?

3. If so, do you see your testimony as accurately represented by Reuters, Associated Press, ABC, CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, BBC, SKY, Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times or another organization otherwise complicit in showing counterfeit reporting on 9/11?

4. If so, what part of the official story is requisite for your personal testimony to be true, if any? Does your personal experience jibe with what your favored media sources have reported? Can you verify your story without the tampered evidence produced by the government?

5. If you don't see your point of view accurately represented by the media, and you feel in danger because of what you know, can you get your information out to the broadest public in any way?

After considering these questions, we suggest that you take the following peaceful and civil actions in getting your story disseminated, though please bear in mind this is not legal advice and you should always seek the most professional help you can find:

1. Know your rights. If you lied or you have had to lie about 9/11, remember the most important thing is making things right for the world by talking about it. Hire a lawyer if you can afford it, discuss your findings with them and investigate your legal options in pursuing witness protection programs, therapy, legal advice and reparations for the media’s psychological attack on your community and/or the world.

2. Know your community. Identify who can and will share your values in speaking the truth. Discuss your story with your community. Lose your fear of persecution, condemnation or victimization. There is an awakening and there is power in numbers. Always use your own perceptions and encourage others to do the same. Please use our web site as a tool to explain to people how it's possible for some perspectives to be drowned out by a cacophony of media.

3. Do your homework. We have done our best to, and to get the word out about what we can prove happened rather than purely speculating about things we cannot know. (e.g.; Did nobody really die? It is an unsustainable position to assert first. But were fabrications and computer graphics used to fictionalize 9/11 deaths? Yes, and it can be proven.) If you and/or your group can write your testimony in clear language, with supporting documents and unambiguous reference to what you need from us, you can have someone contact us through our contact page and we can try to figure out a way to support your community efforts, make your story public and reveal to the world your experience of the media cover-up.

For examples of some possibly real stories that have been sent to us, please see: Visual Control of 9/11