Addendums and Further Video Analyses

If you have viewed SEPTEMBER CLUES and wish to further your understanding of the 9/11 media hoax, please watch the additional video analyses listed below. The various sections of this site seek to provide an accessible overview of all aspects of this research.

On the morning of 9/11, the US TV networks broadcasted what was, by and large, a 102-minute ‘Hollywood’ production. Computer-generated landscape sceneries, animated airplane graphics, staged witness accounts and cinematic special fx. Multiple techniques of image manipulation were employed to simulate both fictitious events (planes crashing into the WTC) and real-life events (the WTC collapses.)

It now clearly appears that the 9/11 false-flag operation relied heavily on counterfeit imagery (henceforth referred to as “TV Fakery”) to stage the great 9/11 lie. As the mainstream media ( henceforth "MSM" or "news media") finds itself directly implicated, this is truly the unspeakable truth of our times – one that the MSM will staunchly oppose for the foreseeable future. To allow this to proceed unbridled is not a good idea. I hope with this research to motivate the individual mind to both learn from and rise above this disturbing chapter in mankind’s history.

The last addition to my video research reveals the full extent of the TV Fakery. As hard as it may be to believe, the evidence speaks for itself: as we compare and cross-examine the available videoclips depicting the WTC2 collapse, absurd discrepancies reveal them for what they are: nothing but computer-generated animations. They are just as ‘real’ as the buildings blowing up in the movie Independence Day (1996).

September Clues - Addendum

“911 AMATEUR” (3 parts)
This series takes a closer look at the so-called 9/11 “amateur” videos: there are now more than 45 known “plane crash” videos (!) allegedly captured by onlookers - a ludicrous amount of “lucky” cameramen. As we get acquainted with their identities - and the falseness of the footage they claim to have filmed - it becomes clear that they are all somehow part of the gigantic 9/11 media hoax. See: Non-Live Imagery

September Clues - 911 AMATEUR part1

September Clues - 911 AMATEUR part2

September Clues - 911 AMATEUR part3

My ADDITIONAL 9/11 RESEARCH (7 videos)
This playlist contains more specific analyses the 9/11 IMAGERY. Each episode offers in-depth insights into particular aspects of the TV fakery which conclusively expose the Mainstream Media’s central role in the 9/11 mass-illusion.

The complete video analysis of the disastrous "Nose-Out" shot aired live on WNYWFOX5.

Two shots compared (11 minutes apart), both showing a reversing helicopter in the same corner of the screen - and over similar spots of the Manhattan skyline.

The FOX archives of the 9/11 events have been replaced by an "image medley" assembled with footage borrowed from ABC, CNN, NBC and CBS.

The FOX archives of the 9/11 events have been replaced by an "image medley" assembled with footage borrowed from ABC, CNN, NBC and CBS.

The 9/11 hoax was all about tv fakery. Faked Manhattan sceneries, fake computer-inserted planes and helicopters and - believe it or not - overlayed birds...

Much as the 9/11 airplane images were doctored or entirely computerized, the various clips showing the WTC7 collapse betray irreconcilable discrepancies.

It should be clear by now that the Naudet's video of the 1st "plane strike" is a fraud. Exactly how it was manufactured is in itself a secondary issue. The bottom line is that it cannot represent a real crash of a 767 into the WTC.

The FOX TV archives' subsequent coverup of the damning "NOSE OUT" sequence - and more evidence of actors (or actual media employees) posing as "firsthand eyewitnesses" of the 9/11 events. Judge for yourself if those "testimonies" appear legit to your senses...

The forensic analysis of the LIVE TV images leaves no room for doubt: they do not depict authentic imagery nor real airplane crashes but turn out to be entirely doctored video sequences which effectively fooled the worldwide TV audience. Thus, the live broadcasts now stored in the major TV networks' archives, constitute the most solid, verifiable and repeatable proof to expose the falseness of the official version of the 9/11 tragedy.
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